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"How To" Guides

We have created these "How To" guides to make it easy for students to learn how to do a variety of school-related, computer-based tasks.

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  • All "How To" guides are available in an interactive mode, list mode, and can be printed or accessed via mobile phone.
  • If you think of something that you'd like a guide for, please use the "Request a "How To" guide" form below.

Creating Google Sites
Email a teacher from school website
Google Classroom: Attaching Work to Assignments
Khan Academy: Sharing Your SAT Data With a Teacher/Coach
Linking College Board to Khan Academy
Naviance/Family Connection: Accessing your tasks
Naviance/Family Connection: Road Trip Nation
Naviance/Family Connection: Completing Lessons
Naviance/Family Connection: College Supermatch and Adding Colleges
Princeton Review: Free, Online Tutoring
Springboard Digital: Accessing Your Textbook