Antelope Valley School District



Eagle Athletics returns in Phases in accordance with public safety guidelines

--Starting dates are determined by your specific sport. Please contact your coach(es) for more details.--

The AVUHSD in accordance with state and county guidance in regards to gatherings has adopted phases for our return to Athletics.

Phase 1 (non-contests)

● All coaches and students are given a Pre-Workout Screening prior to workout

● No gathering of more than 25 students at a time on any one field. Workouts conducted in “pods” of students with the same students always working out together

● All workouts conducted outside

● Locker rooms will not be utilized

● There must be a minimum distance of six feet between each individual at all times

● Students must bring their own water bottle(s)

END OF QUARTER: Determines Eligibility for Athletes

End of Q1 - October 9

End of Semester 1/Q2 - December 18

End of Q3 - March 19

End of School Year/Semester 2/Q4 - June 3

Athletic seasons (not applicable for 2020-2021 school year)
Practice begins in August Practice begins in November Practice begins in February
Boys' and Girls' Cross Country Boys' and Girls' Basketball Baseball
Football Boys' and Girls' Soccer Softball
Girls' Tennis Wrestling Boys' Tennis
Girls' Volleyball   Boys' Golf
Girls' Golf   Boys' Volleyball
    Boys' and Girls' Swimming
    Boys' and Girls Track & Field


Prior to the date that practice begins, a coach may have tryouts for students who did not participate in the sport at Lancaster High School in the previous school year.


Football – Anthony Coleman room 309

Cross Country – Erik Purschke  Xcountry Website room 101
Girls Tennis – David Garcia Guerra room 317
Girls Volleyball – Jonathan Morgan room 110
Girls Golf – Derek Jordan-Luna room 317
Girls Basketball – Jessica Morrison Athletics Office
Boys Basketball – Sid Melvin room 151
Girls Soccer – Rick Acuña PE
Boys Soccer – Alex Ludwig  Athletics Office
Wrestling – Jose Ramos Alvarez room 503
Baseball – David Fischenich PE
Boys Golf – Derek Jordan-Luna room 317
Softball – Kendel Zinn  Athletics Office
Swimming – Tara Londergan Athletics Office
Boys Tennis – David Garcia Guerra room 309
Track and Field –Erik Purschke room 101
Boys Volleyball – Alfredo Garcia
room 135