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Advanced Placement

Advance Placement Information

Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams offer high school students the opportunity to engage in college-level coursework and assessments while still in high school. These courses, developed by the College Board, cover a wide range of subjects and are designed to challenge students academically and prepare them for the rigors of college. By participating in AP classes, students not only deepen their understanding of the subject matter but also develop critical thinking skills, time management abilities, and study habits that are essential for success in higher education. Additionally, students who perform well on AP exams have the opportunity to earn college credit or advanced placement in college courses, which can save both time and money in their college education. Furthermore, the challenging nature of AP coursework demonstrates to colleges and universities a student's willingness to take on rigorous academic challenges, enhancing their college applications and positioning them for success in their future academic and professional endeavors. Overall, AP classes and exams provide students with valuable opportunities for academic growth, college readiness, and potential college credit, making them a highly beneficial aspect of the high school experience.

  • current AP offerings
2-D Art and Design
3-D Art and Design
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles
Environmental Science
Comparative Government and Politics
Human Geography
English Language and Composition
English Literature and Composition
Physics 1
Pre- Calculus
Spanish Language and Culture
Spanish Literature and Culture
US History
World History (modern)