Antelope Valley School District

Advanced Placement

Updated Schedule

The Lancaster High School Advanced Placement/College Prep Program is a supportive and inclusive college preparatory program for all students. It focuses on preparing students for success at CSU, UC, Community, or Private colleges by offering a combination of advanced work, team building, academic support, academic enhancement, and rigorous curricular paths. Students who complete the program will receive identification on both their transcripts and their diplomas. In addition to advanced enriched courses, students will attend special advanced study class, “festival evenings,” and field trips to local colleges.

AP Test Dates - 1st Week (May 6th - 10th), 2nd Week (May 13th - 17th)

See AP Coordinator for ordering deadline.

Week 1

May 6 - U. S. Government (a.m.) & Environmental Science (p.m.)

May 7 - Spanish Language/Cul. (a.m.) & Physics 1 (p.m.)

May 8 - English Literature & Comp (a.m.) & French Lang. (p.m.)

May 9 - Chemistry/Spanish Lit (a.m.) & Psychology (p.m.)

May 10 - U.S. History (a.m.) & Comp Sci./Physics 2 (p.m.)

Studio Art & 2-D Design (Portfolios Due)(p.m.)

Week 2

May 13 - Biology (a.m.) Physics C (p.m.)

May 14 - Calculus AB & Cal BC (a.m.) & Art History/Human Geo (p.m.)

May 15 - English Lang. & Comp (a.m.) & Macroeconomics

May 16 - Gov. and Politics & World History (a.m.) & Statistics (p.m.)

May 17 - Music Theory/Macroeconomics (a.m.) Computer Sci. (p.m.)


Test Dates (in Library)(Seniors) TBD


Test Date October 10th


Test Dates TBD