Antelope Valley School District


You may report your student's full day absence by emailing the Attendance Office at

AVUHSD Board Policy 5133 (a) Absence from school shall be excused only for health reasons, family emergencies and justifiable personal reasons, as permitted by law, Board policy and administrative regulations. (Education Code Sections 46010, 48216, 48205)

When reporting absences please include the following information: Your student’s last name, first name, date(s) of absence, reason for absence, your name and your contact number should we have any questions.  

Absences must be cleared within 5 school days.  If it is over the 5 day requirement, a doctor’s note or other formal documentation is required to clear the absence. Late notification absences can also be cleared if your student attends SATURDAY SCHOOL.

Please note that if your student was testing or absent from regular classes due to attending a field trip or other school related activity, you may still receive a system generated absence notification call that evening. Those activities will be cleared within two days, or as soon as the list of participating students is received from the coach or advisor in charge.

If you have other Attendance related matters please contact the Attendance Office at Lancaster High School by phone at 661-726-7649

Sandy Serrano  ext 784

Evelyn Sanchez ext 786

Short Term Independent Study Sign Ups


Students must have an off campus pass to be released early from school.  Off campus passes are not processed over the phone. Students must be checked out through the Attendance Office by a parent, guardian, or authorized person listed on your student's emergency card, with proper picture ID. Resulting period absences that occur after they leave will be cleared with the off campus pass.

 You may also send a note with your student which must be turned into the Attendance Office the first thing in the morning of the day for early release and we will issue your student an Off Campus pass.  Please include the date, your student's name, the time and reason for early release and signature of parent or guardian.  

If your student needs to leave early due to illness please direct them to go to the Health Office, and if it is due to an emergency, please contact your student's Vice Principal's office.  

If a teacher has marked your student absent for a specific period and you believe it to be an error, please contact the teacher of that period through powerschool or email. 


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