Antelope Valley School District


FITNESS TESTING March thru April

END OF QUARTER: Determines Eligibility for Athletes & Activities

(Fall Semester) Oct. 12th, Dec. 21st (Spring Semester) Mar. 15th , Jun. 6th

Practice begins in August Practice begins in November Practice begins in February
Boys' and Girls' Cross Country Boys' and Girls' Basketball Baseball
Football Boys' and Girls' Soccer Softball
Girls' Tennis Wrestling Boys' Tennis
Girls' Volleyball   Boys' Golf
Girls' Golf   Boys' Volleyball
    Boys' and Girls' Swimming
    Boys' and Girls Track & Field


Prior to the date that practice begins, a coach may have tryouts for students who did not participate in the sport at Lancaster High School in the previous school year.


Football – Michael Edwards room 219
Cross Country – DJ Hein room 514
Girls Tennis – Jose Gutierrez room 317
Girls Volleyball – Fernando Yates room 311
Girls Golf – Casey Jones room 122
Girls Basketball – DJ Hein room 514
Boys Basketball – Sid Melvin room 151
Girls Soccer – Rick Acuna PE
Boys Soccer – Jose Gutierrez room 317
Wrestling – Jose Ramos Alvarez off campus coach
Baseball – Seth Johnson room 406
Boys Golf – Casey Jones room 122
Softball – Eric Price off campus coach
Swimming – Tara Londergan off campus coach
Boys Tennis – Keith Bennett room 309
Track and Field – DJ Hein room 514
Boys Volleyball – Alfredo Garcia room 135