Antelope Valley School District


Practice begins in August Practice begins in November Practice begins in February
Boys' and Girls' Cross Country Boys' and Girls' Basketball Baseball
Football Boys' and Girls' Soccer Softball
Girls' Tennis Wrestling Boys' Tennis
Girls' Volleyball   Boys' Golf
Girls' Golf   Boys' Volleyball
    Boys' and Girls' Swimming
    Boys' and Girls Track & Field


Prior to the date that practice begins, a coach may have tryouts for students who did not participate in the sport at Lancaster High School in the previous school year.

Fall Sports Schedule

First page of the PDF file: Football2022-33

Athletic Administration



Event Prices




Step-by-step instructions for completing the online process with screen shots matching each step are listed below. An original athletic physical (Blue Card) must be signed and stamped by a physician and on file in the athletics office (within one year or less of date signed by doctor). If you have any questions contact your school’s athletic secretary or athletic director. You will need insurance information and student present in order to complete the online process. 

Screen-by-Screen Instructions

  1. Go to and click on “Register”. RETURNERS: sign in with your user name and password and skip to step 4.

  2. Fill in required information. Click “Submit” when finished. *Be sure to remember your username and password for future use.

  3. Enter given code. Click “Submit”.

  4. Click on “Start Clearances Here”. 

  5. Select current school year. Select your high school (Lancaster CIF-SS). Select sport. Click “Submit” when finished.

  6. Enter all required information. Click “Save” when finished. RETURNERS: since you are already in the system, click on the drop down menu that reads “Select Student” and select the student’s name. Please verify all information is up to date.

  7. Do not upload any documents, original documents (Blue Card) must be on file in the athletics office. Click “Save” to continue.

  8. Answer all yes or no questions. If answer is yes to any question, type a brief description of the issue. Click “Save” when finished.

  9. Enter required parent/guardian information. Click “Submit” when finished. RETURNERS: select the drop down menu that reads “select parent/guardian”, and verify that all information is up to date.

  10. Read boxes and add all signatures for guardian and student. Click “Submit” when finished. 

  11. Additional documents can be found on the confirmation page. These documents are also available in the athletics office. 

  12. Once you reach the confirmation screen, the online clearance process is complete. At this time, you may add any additional sports the student is interested in trying out for. Mark the check box acknowledging parent/guardian electronic signature. We will finalize this acknowledgment with the signature on the physical form.


A confirmation email will be sent stating you have completed the online process, and another will be sent to you once the student is fully cleared. Athletic clearance is pending until physical is verified, academic eligibility is checked, and any transfer documentation is approved by CIF.


Screen Shots (Match numbers from above)

*There is also a tutorial video available on how to complete the process on the very first screen of this process.