Antelope Valley School District

Visual and Performing Arts


Lancaster High School is proud to offer its students a variety of visual, performing and digital-arts classes:   drawing, painting, sculpture, drama, choir, guitar, piano, photo, film, multimedia design, game design, and set design are some of the opportunities available.   In these courses, students will be exposed to new forms of literacy, acquiring novel ways to read and respond to the world all while developing self-confidence and self-understanding.  As well, our young people will learn to enjoy beauty and question what it means to be a human in society.  These are valuable 21st century skills enabling our students to solve creative and technical problems, tolerate risk, uncertainty, and ambiguity, and of course, find meaningful employment. 

Visual Arts

Art 1

Learn about the basic foundation of art, the elements of art and principles of design and explore different mediums. This course will allow you to continue on with more advanced art courses. 

Art 2

You must have taken Art 1, or Visual Imaginary in order to register for Art 2. Apply the basics of what was learned in your foundation art course to create artworks that are idea based while still incorporating the elements of art and principles of design. You will continue to enhance your artistic skills and style while exploring different mediums. 


Visual Imagery (Photo 1)

Everyone has the capacity to interpret and create images! Within Visual Imagery you will learn about the history of photography, become visually literate, and most importantly have the opportunity to express ideas and create by TAKING PICTURES. Adobe Photoshop will be our main image editing software and you will have the opportunity to interpret projects based on your interests/ likes to ensure you create pieces worthy of praise on Instagram.

Visual Imagery (Photo 2)

You must have taken Visual imagery (Photo 1), yearbook, or Multimedia and Contemporary Design in order to register for Photo 2. Within Photo 2 you will Master your proficiency in Photoshop and develop your own personal style in photography. Projects will be student driven and career focused.



It is recommended that you have taken at least one art foundation course in order to register for painting.  Learn about different painting techniques as well as different paint mediums such as acrylic, tempera, and watercolors while developing your own style. 



It is recommended that you have taken at least one art foundation course in order to register for sculpture. Learn how to work and think in 3D by creating different sculptural projects. 


Intro to Film and Video Theory

It is recommended that you have taken at least one art foundation course in order to register for Intro to Film. Learn about filming that includes video work and script writing.


Advanced Courses

Students at this level undertake semester long projects. The theme and scope of the project is chosen in consultation with their teacher. Students learn their own capacity to work, plan, organize and sustain a project over a length of time. 

AP 2D - Students develop works in 2D.

AP 3D -Students develop works in 3D.

Performing Arts


Beginning Guitar

This class is designed to teach students the fundamentals of guitar playing. Topics include reading standard notation and tablature, playing single line melodies, most standard open chords as well as some more advanced chords, common strumming patterns, power chords, classical style fingerpicking, and more. Class focuses on teaching these concepts through playing of different songs in a variety of styles. Prior experience with guitar is not required and students are not required to own a guitar.



This class is designed for all percussion students from beginner to advanced players. The goal of the class is to explore all aspects of percussion playing, including drums and mallet instruments, reading music, and understanding other music fundamentals like rudiments and scales. Students will work in class on individual performance skills as well as working to perform together as a group. No previous experience is required, all levels are welcome. Concert performances are a graded component of class.


Concert Band and Wind Ensemble

This class is a music ensemble class meant for students who play a wind instrument or would like to learn one. In this class we work to improve performance skills of each student as well as music fundamentals. Topics include performance of music of varying styles, regular concert and festival performances, ear training, rhythm reading, and other fundamental elements of music performance. Prior experience on a wind instrument is not required though is recommended. 9th and 10th grade students should enroll in Concert Band, as well as new students. 11th and 12th grade students should enroll in Wind Ensemble. 


Marching Band / Marching Band PE

The Lancaster High School Marching Band is one of the premiere marching bands in Southern California. The band regularly receives an invitation to the highly competitive SCSBOA Field Championships and is known for their creative and engaging performances combining winds, percussion, and Color Guard performers. This group rehearses daily in 7th period, performs and football games and competes regularly throughout Fall semester as well. 9th and 10th grade students receive PE credit for the class, 11th and 12th grade receive VAPA elective credit. Prior experience is not required but recommended. Students in Marching Band are required to also enroll in a year long music course as well.


Show Corps

This class is intended for students who are part of the school Color Guard or interested in joining. Students learn to perform in competitive Color Guard, an activity that combines dance and twirling, using various pieces of equipment and props to create engaging performances. The Color Guard performs and competes as an integral part of the Marching Band during Fall and in their own set of competitions during the Spring semester. No prior experience is required for this course.