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Antelope Valley School District

Suggested student schedule and posted teacher Office Hours

A schedule for your Distance Learning can be extremely helpful to better structure your days during this unexpected time at home. The following suggestions are meant to help both students and parents organize their school days as we move through this semester.

Most teachers check their email regularly but, for more immediate responses, teachers have also posted office hours

AVID/Academies-CTE/JROTC: Monday & Wednesday, 12pm-2pm

Behavioral Science (Health, Psych): Tuesday & Thursday, 12pm-2pm

ELA (English): Monday & Wednesday, 8am-10am

Foreign Language: Tuesday & Thursday, 12pm-2pm

Math: Tuesday & Thursday, 8am-10am

Phys Ed: Monday & Wednesday, 12pm-2pm

Science: Tuesday 10am-12pm, Friday 8am-10am

Special Education: Monday & Wednesday, 12pm-2pm

Social Science (History/Econ): Wednesday 10am-12p, Friday 10am-12pm

Visual and Performing Arts: Monday & Thursday, 10am-12pm