Antelope Valley School District

NWEA period bell schedule


On May 19th & 20th, our campus will be administering the spring NWEA to all grade levels.  In order to provide sufficient time, we have adjusted our class schedule to three periods per day. The NWEA measures student growth and provides insights to help tailor instruction. The start and end times will remain the same. 


NWEA Spring Bell Schedule
May 19th & May 20th
Period Start End
0 6:24 AM 7:24 AM
1st/4th 7:30 AM 9:38 AM
Snack 9:38 AM 9:48 AM
2nd/5th (A) Class 9:54 AM 10:55 AM
A Lunch 10:55 AM 11:25 AM
2nd/5th (A) Class 11:31 AM 12:32 PM
2nd/5th (B) Class 9:54 AM 11:56 AM
B Lunch 11:56 AM 12:28 PM
3rd/6th 12:38 PM 2:40 PM