Antelope Valley School District

Artist Spotlight 01/20/2021

Throughout time people have turned to art as a way to express themselves about their society and world view.This genre of art is called social commentary and it is a persuasive genre that can help spread ideas, information, and advocate for change.

Typically, I keep this pretty open ended. There are a lot of perspectives that can be explored through photography! That being said, 2020 left one big elephant in our lives and through photography I wanted to give students an outlet to process and explore it! 

YES, students created photography about COVID! 

Some of their photos might make you laugh, or cry, or maybe even make you cheer! :)

Shout Out to the following students: 

Nayely Hernandez,Lance Hidalgo, Jenna Zorila, Nathan Robles,Pricilla Palacios, Isabelle Pruitt,  Mikenley Diaz, Nolan Murakawski

Pictures are at this LINK