Antelope Valley School District

Discipline Policy

All students of Lancaster High School are expected to maintain high standards of behavior. It is the staff’s expectation that students will learn and exhibit self-discipline and positive conduct. Rules to ensure appropriate behavior are established and enforced to maintain a safe and orderly environment that allows for optimum learning.

In addition to the laws of the State of California and the policies of Antelope Valley Union High School District, Lancaster High School has established the following general expectations for all students:

  • will demonstrate respect for others and others’ property
  • avoid causing disruptions to the educational process
  • follow directions and respect authority of teachers and staff
  • be prompt to all classes, avoiding tardiness
  • remove hats inside all buildings
  • refrain from chewing gum at all times on campus
  • refrain from eating and drinking in classrooms
  • follow the dress code
  • stay away from the parking lot, and cars there, during the school day, whether or not students have a class. Student will receive Saturday School and/or Suspension from school
  • refrain from loitering in the P. E. area and other off limit areas during the school day including lunch time.
  • refrain from loitering on the Lancaster High School campus or any other school campus. Students are expected to leave campus within 15 minutes of dismissal.
  • students are expected to exit school buildings and quads immediately after school.
  • No gambling. Students may not bring dice on campus
  • Students may not sell candy or any other unapproved items on campus
  • Student may not bring any items on campus that are not for educational use.

Student behavior will be monitored by the classroom teachers. Students choosing to violate school rules and procedures face the consequences as set forth in the Education Code 48900 and District Policy 5114.3. Teachers may refer students to the Administration Office immediately for behavior that endangers the safety of another or for repeated behavior violations for which previous corrective measures have not succeeded. Teachers may suspend students from a class for the day of the sus-pension and the next school day accompanied by appropriate documentation to the administration office. Teachers are expected to document all prior steps to correct inappropriate student behavior.

If at any time a student needs to be restrained, teachers should call for security or the Administration Office. Students will not be left unattended.

Per Education Code 48900 (p), students may be suspended or expelled for acts that take place while on school grounds, while going or coming to school, during the lunch period on or off the campus, and during or while going to or coming form, a school sponsored activity.

The Education Code 48915 (a), (b) requires recommendation for a pupil’s expulsion for the following reasons:

  • causing serious physical injury to another person
  • possession of, selling or furnishing weapons, dangerous objects, or brandishing a knife
  • unlawful sale of controlled substance
  • robbery or extortion
  • causing, threatening to cause, or threatening assault on school personnel

Other infractions, which will require immediate referral to the Administration Office with specific suspension and/or expulsion recommendation, include:

  • assault, threats, hate crimes, sexual harassment, sexual assault
  • possession of electronic devices (pagers, laser pens, cell phones, IPODs, etc.
  • possession of explosives (including imitation), imitation weapons
  • disruption through group or gang activities
  • Fighting
  • responding to, observing, inciting fights, verbal or physical altercations
  • computer tampering
  • drug or drug paraphernalia - students who are in first-time possession of drugs and/or drug paraphernalia will be required to enroll and complete in a alcohol and drug diversion program.
  • false fire alarm
  • receiving stolen property
  • tagging/graffiti (see additional descriptions).

Other violations of expected behavior include:

  • defiance of authority
  • failure to follow directions
  • disrespect for others
  • chewing gum, food, or drink in the classroom
  • tardiness
  • wearing hats inside buildings, carrying Non LnHS hats
  • non-compliance of dress code
  • incomplete homework
  • disruption of the educational process
  • being in possession of skateboard on campus. Skateboards must be left in the skateboard rack.
  • loitering in off – limit areas (i.e. – P.E. area & athletic fields) including & during lunch time.

Individual students’ citizenship grades for each class may reflect each student’s discipline record.


Specific actions for offenses listed in Education Code 48900 are listed in the exhibit MINIMUM/MAXIMUM PENALTIES.