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It is my honor to serve as the Principal of Lancaster High School. On September 7, 1995, the first Lancaster High students walked onto our campus, donning a school uniform, ushering in a new era of the Antelope Valley Union High School district. Fast-forward almost 30 years later, I humbly lead a team that will continue to serve our Lancaster community as we give our best every day so that those we serve are inspired and empowered to become their true best.

From the first graduating class, this school has represented achievement and excellence and it is clear that our graduates demonstrate the ideals and traits that were envisioned 30 years ago. The long list of distinguished alumni from LnHS who have gone on to achieve extraordinary things testifies to this fact. You will discover that your four years at LnHS will move very quickly with all that this beloved and distinguished institution has to offer. I challenge you to take advantage of the opportunities you are presented with here at LnHS; make the most of your classes and extra-curricular activities and you will find that there will be very few limits to life after high school. Your future is what you choose to make of it; a future that begins right here by seizing the opportunities we provide for you at LnHS.

Our mission at Lancaster High School is to have our students embody our Graduate Student Profile...

Our students will become Creators, Collaborators, Communicators, and Contributors, every day. This frame encompasses everything we want our students to be able to do once they leave our halls.

Every class, club, activity, and sport we offer at LnHS has this core belief – empowering students to be poised to positively influence our community, nation, and world. At LnHS, critical thinking and problem solving combined with the Graduate Student Profile to become our “North Star” towards which we navigate each day with the goal of supporting you in the ability to find your path. We ask you to commit to giving your best, each day, at Lancaster High School and you will be poised to master your future.  We commit to you the ability to access all our programs and to provide you with a service-oriented school.

I am excited to lead this school and to have the opportunity to work alongside each of you and our amazing staff as we add to the great history of Lancaster High School. 

Go Eagles! 

Zach Mercier



Meet Mr. Mercier:

Zach Mercier is a Southern California implant from Washington State where he attended and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Washington University. In 1999, Mr. Mercier moved to Southern California with dreams of being a comedian while teaching at Hughes Elizabeth Lakes Union High School. After falling in love with teaching (and not being very funny on stage), Mr. Mercier was enticed by what the Antelope Valley Union High School District has to offer as he accepted a teaching and baseball coaching position at Quartz Hill High School. Looking for an opportunity to broaden his experiences, Mr. Mercier accepted a position at Eastside High School and served as the Athletic Director and Varsity Baseball, Golf, and Girls Basketball coach.  In 2010, Mr. Mercier became a Vice Principal in the Antelope Valley Union High School District, serving the school sites of Littlerock and Eastside.  In 2014, Mr. Mercier returned to Quartz Hill High School in the role of Assistant Principal.  In 2018, after a one-year service to Palmdale High School, Mr. Mercier was appointed Principal of Quartz Hill High School. Currently, Mr. Mercier serves Lancaster High School in the role of Principal.

Mr. Mercier’s professional experiences include 25 years of teaching and administration experience and two terms as a school board of education member. Mr. Mercier received his Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Washington University where he played soccer. Mr. Mercier received his Master’s degree from Cal-State Bakersfield and is currently in the doctorate program at Brandman University. Mr. Mercier resides in Palmdale, California with his wife and 4 children, all products of the Antelope Valley. If you would like to contact Mr. Mercier, email

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